Sunday afternoons during football season are big money-makers for local sports bars.

“We have a great crowd for the NFL Sunday Ticket,” said Kristie Oppedahl, a bartender at Half-Time’s Sports Bar and Grill.

It's usually already packed before the 1 p.m. kickoff at Half-Time’s in Mount Washington, according to Oppedahl. Customers come in around noon, however they sit down at the bar and have to wait about an hour to order a drink.

“They can't, of course, have beer until one o’clock,” Oppedahl said.

Sunday liquor licenses in Mt. Washington don't let restaurants serve before that time, but there's an amendment in front of the City Council right now to change that.

“This proposal is to move it to noon, and I can't really see a difference between twelve to one,” Mt. Washington Mayor Barry Armstrong said.

Armstrong said the difference of one hour doesn't sound like a big deal to the city,  but it is a big deal to a restaurant's bottom line.

“I'm sure this would increase the crowd even more,” Oppedahl said.

An extra hour of liquor sales in an already packed restaurant equals a big chuck of change.

“It would keep it all here in Bullitt County, where a lot of people would drive over across the county line to get their beer or whatever,” she said.

The new ordinance was presented to the City Council once already, but Armstrong said one member asked for more time to think it over.

City Council plans to vote on Monday.

“Right now, I believe it will pass,” Armstrong said. 

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