One series of car break-ins apparently wasn't enough for a suspect in New Albany.

Neighbors now say he's returned to the same street three times since, and people in another neighborhood are reporting cars broken into on their street as well.

Police said they have a person of interest, but nearby residents hope someone can recognize him from the latest security footage.

"It showed him in the car, rooting through things, going through the console," Jennifer Arnold said.

The latest break-ins happened outside Arnold's house near McDonald Lane just after midnight on Wednesday. This person only got away with spare change, but after learning other neighbors cars were hit, too, Arnold posted the suspect's pictures on Facebook.

The post has been shared over 200 times.

"I've had about 50 people reach out to me through messaging and through Facebook, just trying to get a hold of me to figure out where we live and what's going on in our neighborhood, because it's going on in theirs," Arnold said.

Something similar happened in another neighborhood, about two miles away on Tyler Drive.

"It just seems like it's the same person," Carie Lamb said.

Those who live on Tyler Drive claim the man captured in the security video WDRB News aired last week keeps coming back.

"Night after night," said Lamb, who recently bought and installed a security system. "And he's even tried to open people's doors to their houses."

Another neighbor, who didn't want to go on camera, said the man tried to open her front door but it was locked.

"These kids will break in a car and steal some change, but someone coming out of their home could shoot them," Arnold said.

Neighbors want any potential thieves to know they're watching out.

"It's not OK for them to come on our properties," Arnold said. "It's not OK for them to take from us, and we're gonna stand up for ourselves."

In all of these instances, police said car doors were unlocked.

Police suggest parking in the most-secure, well-lit places possible. Do not leave phones, medication, electronics, firearms and garage door openers inside cars.

"We have a person of interest and have collected evidence in this case," New Albany Police Chief Todd Bailey said. "Detectives are following up. We encourage all people to call even if nothing was taken from their car, as the suspect may have left evidence behind."   

If you have any information, call New Albany Police 812-948-5317 or their anonymous crime tip line at 812-948-NAPD.

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