SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- The man in charge of water and public works for Sellersburg will soon be out of a job, one he calls “hostile.”

Kenneth Alexander submitted his resignation Monday afternoon after working with the city for 12 years.

Last month, Alexander came under fire by residents after water testing in 2016 was submitted to the state late, and some tests came back positive for arsenic and cyanide.

“It is simply not in my interest to stay in the hostile work environment any longer," Alexander wrote in his letter to the town council. "It is also unacceptable to be the subject of slanderous allegations damaging my reputation in the community and workplace."

Another water issue is with the Lakeside subdivision, which often floods during heavy rains. The water is not diverted properly, which has been a problem for years.

“I just wish him luck," said William Reker, President of the Lakeside Subdivision Home Owner’s Association. "I hate to see him go ... I do know some people have some problems. I like Kenny. We’ve been real good partners. He’s worked with me in this subdivision and done everything that he possibly could.”

Many council meetings have been contentious with frustrated residents and even some council members saying not enough action is being done to fix the city’s problems.

“I am already getting calls from the public, and especially the town employees, and they are elated because their stress is over with now,” said Councilman Bill Conlin.  “I mean, Sellersburg has so much potential ,and it just makes me sick what has happened here. It’s just sad, but it’s going to get better. I know it is.”

Alexander would not do an interview with WDRB News but did release a statement saying, “I love Sellersburg. It’s a good place. I am looking forward to the change.” He refused to elaborate on what he plans to do next.

Alexander will remain as the Director of Public Works until Sept. 5. A search for his replacement has already begun.

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