The mother of Dequante Hobbs Jr. said that while she's happy a suspect was arrested for her son's death, it still doesn't erase her grief.

"Every day I say to myself, 'I want my son back,'" Micheshia Norment said. "I know somebody's in custody. But at the end of the day, it still won't bring my son back."

It's been nearly three months since her son, 7-year-old Dequante Hobbs, was killed. He was hit by a stray bullet while sitting at the kitchen table, eating a bedtime snack.

But on Wednesday, Norment heard the news she's been waiting for.

"(Detectives) came into my home, sat on my couch, and was like, 'We got him. He's arrested for murder,'" Norment said.

The family said they don't know the suspect, 23-year-old Wyatt Williams, who police said fired shots during a dice game at an abandoned house next door. But they want him to pay for his alleged crime.

"Taking a child is unacceptable," Norment said. "I feel like he deserves life without the possibility of parole. It's a child."

"We kept saying, 'This was an accident, and why not come forward (and say) I'm sorry,'" said Dequante's aunt, Jackie Partee.

But Partee said she's not sure that she could accept an apology. She's already lost two grandsons to homicide. Teenagers Larry Ordway and Maurice Gordon were murdered in the Shawnee neighborhood last year.

"Last night I couldn't sleep," Partee said. "I was thinking about my grandchildren, too, along with my nephew. Because they should've been on that bus. They should've been going to school."

As Norment points out, Dequante's murder was solved on what would have been his first day of second grade, a painful reminder that he's not here.

"He is supposed to be on that school bus, not laying in some dirt or gravel, or laying in some casket," Norment said. "He's not supposed to be there."

The family also wants to thank LMPD, those who worked on the case and everyone who called in with information that helped lead to an arrest.

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