It's nearly two hours from Hopkinsville, but Elizabethtown is cashing in on visitors for the solar eclipse. Some are paying astronomical prices for hotel rooms.

Most hotels in Elizabethtown are sold out on Sunday night, the night before the eclipse. As of Thursday night, one hotel had rooms still available for $433 per night.

One that's sold out, though, is the Wingfield Inn & Suites, which is gearing up for a big crowd this weekend.

"Italy, California, a lot from New Jersey, Canada, Michigan ... I'm getting a lot of people from out of state coming here just for the eclipse," said Todd Pollard, General Manager of Wingfield Inn & Suites.

"When you talk about reservation numbers, we're seeing almost a Kentucky Derby size."

He said online reservations in the city started to skyrocket three months ago.

Elizabethtown isn't in the path of totality. The city will be be 97.6 percent dark. It's 126 miles from Hopkinsville and 80 miles from Bowling Green.

"Bowling Green is completely sold out," Pollard said. "Cave City is sold out. So for Kentucky and Elizabethtown in general, the eclipse has been a pretty nice deal for us all."

Police don't expect heavy traffic in the city, but they're still gearing up for the big day.

"We're gonna have many officers out on the road in the event that traffic congestion is caused by the eclipse," said Officer Chris Denham with the Elizabethtown Police Department.

Officers said the main risk on the roads will be other drivers trying to catch a glimpse from behind the wheel.

"Turn on your headlights, look for motorists making abrupt stops just to view the eclipse," Denham said. "With the solar viewing glasses, you would not want to drive while wearing those."

Even though the city won't go completely dark, the event puts these businesses in the green.

"You don't anticipate the eclipse in E'town, Kentucky, to pull visitors," Pollard said. "It's just something we didn't anticipate. It's a pleasant surprise."

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