HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- If you're driving to Hopkinsville for the total eclipse this weekend, there will be a lot to take in and a lot of waiting in traffic.

So officials are reminding people to be patient. 

It's just a quiet town of 30,000 thousand people, and in a matter of days officials estimate that it could turn into the host of 100,000 visitors. 

"We've got visitors coming from 19 countries, 46 states and three territories," said Randy Graham, Christian County Emergency Management Director.

With that many people, the roads are expected to be inundated with cars, trucks, campers and RVs. 

"In today's world, with everyone utilizing GPS in the car, the interstates and the parkway coming in ... it's going to put them in the same area around Hopkinsville," Graham said. "So that's where we've concentrated a great deal of our planning efforts."

The first wave of visitors started Friday. Twenty-five-thousand people are already in town, but officials believe the majority of travelers will arrive on Monday. 

"We've got personnel as sting with signals," said Wade Clements with KYTC. "If intersections are backing up ,we can manually control those."

There will be eight times the number of officers in the area, and Kentucky is the only state to have held training exercises with FEMA for any emergencies. 

Other than enjoying the two minutes and 30 seconds of darkness, officials also said it's imperative to bring paper maps and plenty of water. 

If you have basic car trouble and get stranded coming into Hopkinsville, you can call a Safe Patrol operators at 877-FOR-KYTC. 

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