LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) – As rallies continue across the country over confederate-era statues, a Louisville group went door-to-door Saturday trying get the Castleman statue in the Highlands removed.

Writing on banners and handing out petitions on clipboards, the group Showing up for Racial Justice – or SURJ, met in the Highlands at Willow Park.

In the wake of their larger rally last Monday at the Castleman Statue, the group of about 20 aimed to get signatures to submit to the Mayor Fischer.

The group is demanding the removal of the statue, which is still covered in paint after being vandalized last weekend.

“We’re trying to build a base of support among predominately white people that the city leadership will understand that we don’t want to be represented by white supremacy anymore,” said SURJ organizer Andrew Stone Porter.

The group rehearsed scripts on what to say and walked up Cherokee Boulevard and talked to residents who were in front yards and they knocked on doors.

Donald G. wants the statue to stay and wasn’t agreeing with what SURJ was telling residents. 

“This group … they are just opportunists. They are over-reacting for one thing. It’s fanaticism," G. said.

Rosemary Drybrough spent much of Saturday sitting across from the statue with her sign suggesting the statue stay but its description should be changed.

“So we can take down that plaque but please let’s leave the statue right where it is where it has been for 104 years,” Drybrough said.

The mayor said he is forming a committee that will now do a review of all public art in the city.  

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