HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- People will experience the eclipse in many different ways, and for some, it will be a spiritual event. 

Thousands of people have descended on Hopkinsville to watch Monday's total eclipse. But some think it's more than just a once-in-a-lifetime chance to view the moon completely covering the sun, and instead, a moment of spiritual transcendence. 

We've heard about the science behind the eclipse, but Astrologist Irlianna Samsara says there's more to it than science. 

"It's like the Nature's cosmic -- the universe's cosmic reset button," Samsara said. 

"It's an ancient tradition, it goes back tens of thousands of years," Samsara said. "Consciousness is evolving, and people are feeling it. It's like it's in their soul and it's in their heart and they're feeling this, that there is something different than what is being offered us."

When the sun's rays are blacked out by the moon on Monday, Samsara says that feeling will be at its pinnacle

"It's light so, what it's saying is calling, where do we need to have a breakthrough in our lives, where can we allow more light?"

Samsara says that's why she's in Hopkinsville: to spread that message of light. 

"That's what will transform us," Samsara said. "If we all build each other up instead of pulling each other down."

She's not the only one with a different message in Eclipseville. Even the Vatican couldn't ignore Monday's celestial phenomenon. 

You may not think science and religion go together but, Brother Guy Consolmagno has built his life on it. 

"We don't have to be afraid of what we've discovered in this universe because we recognize that whatever it is, it is the creation of a god outside that universe. 

"If we want to understand God, we cannot be afraid of what science might teach us. But if we want to understand science we have to understand that science never has the last word. 

Whether it's science, astrology or the holy spirit, the sun and its movements find a way to shine on all walks of life. 

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