LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Authorities have arrested a Louisville man who allegedly arranged a meeting for sex with an undercover online investigators pretending to be a minor.

Torey Cranston, 28, was arrested Tuesday in the area of Taylorsville Road and KY 841. Authorities said Cranston was in possession of marijuana, a digital scale and packaging materials.

The Kentucky Attorney General's Cyber Crimes unit said Cranston used an unregistered email account to communicate with online investigators posing as minors. Those investigators said Cranston was sending photos and asking kids to engage in sex acts. The department investigated Cranston for a week.

Cranston registered as a sex offender in 2010 after he was convicted of sexually abusing a 13-year-old in Jefferson County. 

The Attorney General's office said Cranston was charged with two counts of violating Kentucky’s Sex Offender Registry because he was using an unregistered email account, a felony, and lives less than 1,000 feet from a Jefferson County public school, a misdemeanor. 

He lives on Dahl Road just a block away from Liberty High School. The law says a registered sex offender can't live within 1,000 feet of a school, and it's up to each offender to comply. 

Russell Gadd has lived in his home since 1972, just two doors down from Cranston.  

"I would not have expected to find that in this neighborhood," Gadd said. "That is very bad to have someone like that so near to these children." 

He said Dahl Road is a very nice, quiet street filled with hardworking families, and the news about Cranston comes as a shock to him. 

"It's disturbing," Gadd said. "I don't like that at all. In fact, I'm very surprised to hear about it." 

Cranston is charged with prohibited use of an electronic computer system to procure a minor, failure to comply with the sex offender registration and trafficking in marijuana.

He is being held at Louisville Metro Corrections on a $50,000 cash bond. The judge increased the amount at his Wednesday morning arraignment. He will be back in court in September to answer his charges. 

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