LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police say they've arrested a tow truck driver who scrapped several victims' cars -- without their permission.

According to an arrest warrant, 44-year-old Charles Dorough pulled up to a woman's 1991 Dodge Shadow in a tow truck on June 7. He then put the car on the back of his truck and left. 

Police say Dorough took the vehicle to Grade A Auto Parts & Scrap Metal Recycling at the corner of Grade Lane and Melton Avenue and sold the vehicle for scrap. According to the arrest report, Dorough presented his personal identification when he sold the car.

By the time the woman was able to file a police report and locate her vehicle, it had already been destroyed.

Dorough is charged in connection with two similar incidents. Police say that on June 15, a man had agreed to sell his 1997 Honda Civic to a towing company that purchases junked cars. At the appointed time, a tow truck driver showed up and took the car -- but when the victim contacted the towing company, they said the car had never been picked up.

Police say that on the same day the car was taken, Dorough sold it to Grade A Auto Parts & Scrap Metal Recycling.

The following day, on June 16, police say Dorough sold a 1987 Honda Accord for scrap at the same location. According to an arrest warrant, that vehicle had been reported stolen.

Dorough was arrested on Wednesday evening and faces one count of theft by unlawful taking, and two counts of receipt of stolen property.

He is currently being held in Louisville Metro Corrections.

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