PADUCAH, Ky. (WDRB) -- Baking a cake in your home's kitchen and selling it to someone else is illegal in Kentucky.

Under the "cottage food law" in the Commonwealth, in order to sell a baked good, you have to be a farmer or have a separate kitchen. Now there is a movement to decriminalize homemade cakes.

A single mom is spreading the word about a petition to update the law. Jennifer Lopez lived in Missouri before before moving to Kentucky and baking was her main source of income.

Lopez says the Kentucky law is not fair.  "Farmers are allowed to bake from their home kitchens, and we just want to broaden that so just your average home baker can also sell and bake from their house" 

Jennifer Luckey, who owns Luckey's House of Cakes, turned a spare bedroom into a second kitchen as part of  her effort to become a certified home baker. 

 "I understand the health departments view on it. They want to make sure that what people are selling to the public is safe and it's not going to make them sick."  But Luckey says "if there was a way to make it a little bit easier for the public or for a home baker to get permitted then yeah I'm all for it, but the health department still needs to be involved."

And Lopez agrees. "We want to be a real business. We want the opportunity, and we want to grow just like every other business. And we want rules established that we can follow."

The movement is pushing for the health department to get involved, and they started the Kentucky Home Bakers website to educate people about the changes they want.

They've also started a petition online asking seven lawmakers including U. S. Senator Rand Paul and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin to change the law.  

The Kentucky Home Bakers can also be found on Facebook and Twitter

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