LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A meth lab has been found less than 100 feet from a daycare playground in Kentucky.

A detective spotted a suspected meth lab made of a grape juice bottle in the window of a Powell County, Kentucky, home. That's about 50 miles southeast of Lexington.

A second meth lab was found inside the master bedroom closet in a Mountain Dew bottle.

On the arrest report, the officer noted fumes from the drugs traveling through the window toward the daycare.

"Breaks my heart," a neighbor said. "The people that was doing it, they don't care about kids. They don't care about older people. They don't care about anybody. All they care about is making that drug."

Rena Ritchie, age 35, and 56-year-old David Bascom were arrested at the home. Both are charged with possession of a controlled substance and wanton endangerment.

Ritchie also faces a charge of manufacturing meth.

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