LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An Indianapolis man says he's so fed up with potholes he's fixing them himself.

Mike Warren is called "the Pothole Vigilante." He says he would report potholes to the city, but they wouldn't get fixed. So he went to the store, bought a few bags of asphalt, and got busy.

"The government's not doing it," said Warren. "Why don't I try to do it?"

He says he's spent about $500 of his own money to fill about 50 potholes over the past four months.

"I feel like the combination of the resources we have now, and volunteerism in neighborhoods is like this, we could tackle this pothole problem," he said. "This is a lot bigger than me."

Safety officials won't say what he's doing is illegal, but do say he should technically have a work permit -- and they're concerned about his safety. But Warren says he's not stopping anytime soon, and is even recruiting some friends to help.

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