LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- When you're a high school Spanish teacher handed a classroom full of washers, dryers and ovens, you cook up a different lesson.

That was the case for Kip Hottman, who got a new classroom after teaching Spanish for 15 years at Fern Creek High School. The room, once used for a Food Literacy class, is full of appliances and cabinets.

Instead of trying to set up a traditional classroom, Hottman gave up control to his students. As part of their classwork, they're deciding how to redo and use the space.

"They're letting us be free and think for ourselves, and I think it's pretty good that a teacher does that," said freshman Daniel Guzman. "I've never had a teacher that's done that for me at any school I've been to."

"I think that's working in all of our favor: theirs because they have more say or thought behind design, and for me because I'm learning to give up the way a classroom typically could function for me," said Hottman.

Some students want to use the ovens to cook Spanish food to learn about the culture. Once the ideas are submitted, the class will decide how to make the plan happen.

All in Spanish, of course.

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