LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Video of two Butler Traditional High School students helping a homeless woman get a meal has gone viral. 

It's being called "The Kindness After Class," but the story behind one of the kid's compassionate act is where you'll find the real lesson.

Dean Brewer remembered days at home when food was hard to find Friday after school when he spotted a homeless woman outside the McDonald's off of Cane Rune road and Crumbs Lane.

"I came from a one-bedroom apartment living with my mom, and she couldn't pay for much," he said.

He said often there was only a bottle of Big Red in the refrigerator, and money was so scarce he stayed with friends on floors and couches to get a meal.

"They all cared for me because their parents said I respected them," he said. 

At age 15, Brewer has learned to appreciate the little things. 

"[I] moved out here in Jefferson County with my dad," he said. "Like, I have my own room. That makes me feel great."

He not only has his own room, but Brewer has his own T-shirt business to put money in his pocket. On Friday, he used those dollars to do good when he and a friend passed the homeless woman at McDonalds laying in the grass.

"I couldn't just walk by," he said. "She said she wanted a cheeseburger with no onions and a sweet tea, so me and Alex walked in there, and I bought it for her and took it back out and gave it to her."

Brewer posted the video to Instagram, and friends shared it to Facebook. Days later, it has gained thousands of views

"You could hear her saying, 'Thank you,'" Brewer said. 

The homeless woman in the video is often seen between the McDonald's and the Speedway gas station on Cane Run Road, and after Dean shared that video, others began to share her story. 

That woman, Gloria Plunkett, is caught in Kentucky's broken mental health care system, according to court records. The 61-year-old has had 66 criminal cases in Louisville, but most have been dismissed due, citing an "incompetence to stand trial."

Plunkett bounces from jail back out to the street. On Monday, she was barely understandable, but she did say that she'd been out on the street for about 23 years.

"The main reason I helped her is because we know the world is not to great right now, arguing and fighting and stuff like that," Brewer said. "Some people can't provide for themselves. You have to help them out and make things positive and be grateful for what you have." 

Struggles at a young age taught Brewer the kind of lessons in life you have to live to understand.

"Yeah, I think that really changed me, and I'm glad it happened," he said.

Brewer's friend was a little shy and didn't want to participate in the story.

WDRB News paid it forward and bought Plunkett lunch Monday. We've also reached out to Louisville's Coalition for the Homeless for help getting her off the street. 

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