President Donald Trump’s attempt to lay the blame for the Senate’s failure to repeal and replace Obamacare at the feet of Senator Mitch McConnell exemplifies the dysfunction that currently exists between the president and his own party.

Yes, the inability of this Republican Congress to fulfill a promise they’ve been making for seven years was a political mess, but for Trump to try to peddle the fantasy that it was all McConnell’s fault is ridiculous.

Why can Trump take no blame for his own non-involvement? Where was he when the kind of persuasion and arm-twisting that was the trademark of presidents like LBJ and Ronald Reagan was needed? And while he likes to tout his expertise in business, what kind of business leader do you know of who would give his top executive – especially one who’s shown the kind of loyalty McConnell has --  the silent treatment and then try to embarrass him publicly?

Mr. Trump’s failure to understand that no one in Congress knows the intricacies of the system like McConnell squanders an incredibly valuable asset. Such a lack of insight is neither businesslike nor statesmanlike, and exhibits no leadership whatsoever.

One of the things my father taught me at an early age is that you don’t make yourself look bigger by tearing others down. Apparently, Mr. Trump’s father didn’t teach that lesson.

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