HOUSTON (WDRB) -- Two dogs left stranded in the flood water of Hurricane Harvey have been rescued. 

CNN's Ed Lavandera snapped the picture Monday while he was touring a flood ravaged neighborhood in Dickinson, Texas.  The photo shows two dogs looking over the side of a boat surrounded by water. 

He posted again on Tuesday that the dogs were rescued.  Lavandera wrote "UPDATE: Frankie & Bear are safe. The two dogs we saw sitting in a boat in a flooded neighborhood have been rescued! A combination of volunteer rescuers and friends pitched in to save the day. In the chaotic evacuation, the family was not allowed to bring the dogs in the rescue boat so they thought putting them in the boat temporarily, until someone could reach them, was the safest decision. They're being cared for and the owners will reconnect (with) them at some point. "

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In the comments of the original post on Monday, Lavandera wrote that food was left behind and that he suspected the owners would come back for them as soon as they could. 

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