There’s a lot of disagreement between the Metro Council and the Waterfront Development Corporation over parking fees at Waterfront Park. David Karem, President of the Corporation, says they’re necessary because of Governor Bevin’s veto of $420,000 in annual state funding, compounded by a recent drop in Metro Government funding.

But a majority of Metro Council members say they were led to believe that an additional $210,000 they earmarked for park operations would eliminate the need for parking fees. That they could possibly come up with even more money, if asked. That we should challenge Frankfort to reconsider Bevin’s cuts. And that they – along with Mayor Greg Fischer – strongly oppose the implementation of any parking fees. 

Waterfront Park serves millions of people each year, of all classes and races. It’s truly where Louisville comes together. And while a $3 parking fee is nothing to many people, to many more it’ll be a barrier that will place what should be a public asset out of their price range. Shouldn’t the Mayor’s, and a Metro Council’s majority opinion count for something?

The Waterfront Development already charges for special events and even charges charities to light the Big Four Bridge for fundraisers. That should suffice. I don’t support additional parking fees, and I urge the Mayor, Metro Council members and the Waterfront board to put serious, joint effort into finding a responsible alternative.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.