LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new Mt. Washington restaurant is giving back to law enforcement officers.

The owner of Lights Out Bar & Grill in Shepherdsville been giving free meals to on-duty police officers as a way to say "thank you" for helping the community.

"From day one, I wanted to do something with law enforcement to show appreciation for what they do for us," Tom Chamberlain said.

Chamberlain just opened Light On Bar & Grill, and he's offering the free meals there as well.

"We came up with the idea feed them all for free: state troopers, the Fish and Wildlife Department, city, county -- it doesn't matter," Chamberlain said. "As long as you are in uniform and you're in our area, you are always welcome to stop by and have a free lunch or dinner."

But not everyone knows what Chamberlain is doing for those who protect and serve the area. So he posted something on Facebook this week, and word is spreading, 

"All law enforcement that's on duty will always eat free at Lights On and Lights Out! We appreciate the hard work and sacrifice you make for our community!" he wrote.

"Customers will come in and see it on Facebook," Chamberlain said. "They are very thankful that restaurants are out there looking for law enforcement. The police officers themselves are very thankful. They're always very gracious. Because they eat for free, they always take care of the server."

Lights On seats more than 300 people inside, and Chamberlain said it will help reach more officers in that part of Bullitt County. The old location already sees officers just about every day.

"We'll see Bullitt County Sheriffs. We'll see Shepherdsville, Fish and Wildlife Departments," Chamberlain said. "Every once in a while, we're see Hillview or Pioneer Village if they're transporting someone to the jail, and they'll stop and grab something."

He said food can be taken to-go too, since he understands they have to get back to work. 

"They could come in and order rib eye steak every time if they wanted to," Chamberlain said. "They are very conscientious. They order something $7, $8, $9. They really respect that we are helping them out."

Maj. Michael O'Donnell wit the Shepherdsville Police Department said Chamberlain has been vocal in support of law enforcement, adding that both restaurants are an example of officers' tremendous support in the community.

"In last three years, we've done the total about $40,000 to community as a whole," Chamberlain said. "I've never broken it down to what law enforcement is."

Chamberlain has an ambitious goal. He'd like to open five restaurants in five years, but right now he's focusing on the new location. 

"I really want to keep my money in my county and my city," he said. "The restaurant came available, so we jumped on the opportunity."

The new restaurant is also offering a 10 percent discount for military, off-duty police, fire, EMS and Mt. Washington city employees. There is a similar discount in Shepherdsville.

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