LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- If you live in Indiana, you aren't required to send your children to school until they are 7.

Indiana is just one of 16 states that doesn't require kids to start school until the age of 7, or even later. The state superintendent wants to lower the age to 6.

Democrats failed two years ago to lower the age to 5, which would have made kindergarten mandatory. Republicans say it failed because enrollment isn't a problem.

"I really don't think in my district it is an issue," said Indiana State Sen. Jean Leising, a Republican from Rush County. "I believe that in most cases in my district, people are anxious to get their kids enrolled in full-day first grade."

Leising says if the superintendent's research finds there are large amounts of children not attending kindergarten, she would support changing the age requirements.

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