CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Video of a Clarksville Police officer being attacked by a goose is still make the rounds on the internet, even though it happened months ago.

Clarksville Det. Ray Hall fought off his toughest aggressor yet right outside the police department: an angry goose.

"It just came on around and caught me off balance," Hall said. "He wouldn't leave me alone."

While everyone, including Hall, continues to get a good laugh out of the video, geese are really a serious problem in Clarksville. They're ruffling a lot of feathers around the police station, fire department and town hall.

"I guess they don't like cops," said Deputy Chief Dennis K. Johnson with the Clarksville Fire Department. "They took over pretty much. They were everywhere.

"There were a few geese that accidentally got run over."

Plus, goose poop is leaving behind a real mess. Clean-up alone is costing thousands of dollars. The town manager said Clarksville had no choice but to take action. They ended up getting a permit from the Indiana DNR to hire Rusty's Animal Control out of Greenfield, Indiana to euthanize the geese. 

More than 200 of the geese have been removed, but others have already taken their place. 

Rusty's will keep an eye on the goose population in Clarksville. If it gets out of control again, the company will return.

The meat from the geese was offered to several soup kitchens and shelters, but there were no takers.

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