LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Equestrians from around the world compete for the Nations Cup this week during the Mounted Games in La Grange.

United States Mounted Games Association (USMGA) and York Equestrian Center hosts athletes from New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Canada and Australia.

The games are being held at the York Stables and Equestrian Center in La Grange, Kentucky September 6 thru September 9, 2017.

Mounted Games is a team sport combining relay races, speed, agility and precision on specially-trained games ponies and horses. They incorporate various pieces of equipment into games like sword and rings, bang-a-balloon, joust, hula hoop, mug shuffle, speed weavers and flag fliers.

The games were developed about 50 years ago by Prince Philip of England as a way for children, who could not afford expensive, well-bred ponies, to compete. His Royal Highness incorporated a military design to the games that were played and that style lives on today.

In 1957, the Horse of the Year Show staged the first Mounted Games Championship.
In 1984, Norman Patrick established the Mounted Games Association of Great Britain so that people of any age could participate.
By 2003, the Association had extended to 24 countries on four continents.
The USMGA welcomes riders of all ages and any skill level to introduce them to the sport.

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