It's expected to bring 400 jobs and boost property values, but neighbors in St. Matthews think an eight-story, mixed-use building would be nothing but a problem.

The building would replace the Tafel Motors dealership on Shelbyville Road. Residents think it would make traffic problems even worse and want the $40 million project to be built elsewhere.

A neighborhood meeting was held Tuesday night to address residents' concerns about "The Stockwell" building in St. Matthews, which would be home to retail stores, restaurants and 276 high-end apartments.

"No one is going to fix the nightmare that we know will be created," one resident said.

"I want to know what you're willing to give, and then maybe we can reach common ground," another added. 

The developer, Investment Property Advisors, told St. Matthews City Council to hold off on voting for the plan to hear more from the affected neighborhood.

"We wanted to reach out to neighbors," developer Chase Sorrick said. "We legitimately want to try to address their concerns."

Cathi Clark said her home is 100 feet from the proposed site and it would limit neighbors' access to Church Way.

"I live there" Clark told the panel. "You all don't live there ... There's no reason you all can't build on the property you have without closing our road."

Fred White walked out of the meeting, frustrated.

"If i felt like there was some progress, I would've stayed," he said. "All they're trying to do is put a different shade of lipstick on a pig."

To address traffic concerns, the developer is offering a secured gate to keep non-residents off of Church Way.

"Unfortunately, I don't think they received it, but it is a legitimate effort to try to address that concern," Sorrick said.

"We all get the fact that you can build this the way you wanna build it right now," another neighbor said. "All we're asking is that you consider all of us around and the families that live there and how this impacts us." 

The developer expects city council to take a vote as soon as next week. If passed, construction will start next fall.

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