LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Boy Scout troop in Okolona was hit by thieves over the holiday weekend. 

A trailer filled with valuable supplies was stolen from the parking lot next to St. Luke Catholic Church in a residential neighborhood.  

"We had our trailer parked in the lot, and it was taken sometime, we think maybe on Saturday,” said Matt Cook Troop 376 Scoutmaster.

Troop 376 is not just missing the trailer but now has to go without all of the supplies it uses for its meetings and activities. 

"Inside the trailer was basically the lifeblood of our troop,” Cook said. "It was all of our tents, all of our camping equipment, stoves, pots, pans, tables.”

To the troop, this was not just a trailer and equipment. Cook said it represented countless hours of hard work put forth by the scouts and their families. 

"These children and our parents have worked for years and years to acquire all the things that we had, and it's sad to see them go,” Cook said. 

A string of recent trailer thefts is raising questions about registering trailers in Kentucky. The law says you don't need to register a personal trailer if it won't travel out of state. However, it is an option that could provide an extra layer of protection. 

"If you're in doubt, you may want to take your title and go to your local clerk's office and register it with a license plate," said Nore Ghibaudy, Communications Director for the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office. "That will secure that it probably can be more easily returned."

Troop 376's trailer wasn't registered, but Cook said it's definitely something to consider in the future. He also is going to consider taking additional measures to secure the trailer. 

The trailer is not marked with the troop’s name, but it's a white Homesteader brand. Cook hopes the trailer and supplies will make it back to their rightful place. 

"If you have any goodness in your heart, please return the items," he said. "Put the trailer back in the parking lot."

The troop is sharing information about the trailer on social media, hoping the online exposure will help raise awareness about the stolen trailer and supplies. 

A police report has been filed, and anyone with any information regarding the trailer or its whereabouts is encouraged to contact Louisville Metro Police. 

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