LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Harlan County, Kentucky, man is facing serious charges after police say he threw a woman over a cliff or mountainside, then kidnapped her and drove her to Virginia when he realized authorities were onto him.

According to an arrest warrant, the assault took place on the night of Wednesday, Aug. 30 at around 1 a.m. The warrant states that 42-year-old Jeremy Smith, of Lynch, Kentucky, "caused serious physical injury to the victim" by beating her, "in the head and body," putting her in, "grave risk of death."

A spokesperson for the Cumberland Police Department says Smith came home from work late at night and assaulted his girlfriend, whom he was living with. According to the spokesperson, Smith took her to a cliff or mountainside near Black Mountain and threw her over the side, leaving her there.

Police say the woman couldn't recall much from the attack, but believed the drop to be about 30 feet. 

As a result of the fall, police say she suffered several brain bleeds and a cracked orbital bone. 

"I've been a police officer for 14 years," said Kenny Raleigh, assistant chief of the Cumberland Police Department. "I've only seen one woman ever beat worse than her -- and that's the truth."

Despite her injuries, police say she was able to walk several hours -- wearing nothing but a t-shirt and panties -- back to the home she shared with Smith.

Raleigh said it's a miracle she survived.

"I don't even know how she walked out of the mountains, honestly," Raleigh said.

Police say they soon became aware of the assault -- and that Smith was the assailant -- and prepared to arrest him later that day, but Smith became aware of it. According to the arrest warrant, Smith then forced the woman into his vehicle and drove her -- against her will -- to the state of Virginia.

Authorities stopped Smith and the woman in Virginia. Police say family members were able to pick the woman up and take her to a hospital. Smith returned home to Kentucky.

A warrant was issued for Smith's arrest on Wednesday, Sept. 6, and he was taken into custody at work by the Cumberland Police Department. He is currently being held in the Harlan County Detention Center on a $25,000 bond, charged with first-degree assault and kidnapping with serious physical injuries.

Police say the woman remains in the hospital. She is expected to recover.

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