LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An LMPD officer was arrested in southern Indiana over the weekend. 

According to a news release from LMPD spokesman Dwight Mitchell, Officer Aaron Jaggers with LMPD's Fiftth Division was arrested Saturday night in Indiana by the Clark County Sheriff's Department.

Jaggers appeared before a judge in court Monday morning.

A release from the Clark County Sheriff's Office says officers went to Jaggers' home in Sellersburg on a "complaint of a domestic disturbance."

Police said Clark County Sheriff's Officers spoke with the alleged victim, who stated she had been "battered" by Jaggers. Authorities said the alleged victim stated that Jaggers allegedly pushed her, which caused her to fall into a column at the residence and hit her head.

According to police, evidence at the scene supported the woman's claims.

The woman said she confronted Jaggers for texting a female co-worker while at a bar in Louisville and again in their Uber. Police said the woman has a swollen lump on her forehead but admits to smacking Jaggers when he pushed her. But he said she hit first.

According to Larry Wilder, Jaggers' attorney, the arrest happened after the alleged victim placed her hands on Jaggers, and he then defended himself.

Wilder called it unfair scrutiny because of Jaggers' job.

"Had Aaron chosen a different profession, if he were working on the line at Ford, we wouldn't be standing here right now talking about what happened at his home," Wilder said. "The report from the police indicates she was touching him. She was grabbing at him.

"It's pretty clear if someone is putting their hands on you, you have a right to try to be able to prevent yourself from being grabbed and touched any more so."

Deputies arrested Jaggers for domestic battery, and he was taken to the Clark County Jail. There is no mugshot because the Sheriff's Office said the system wasn't working that night.

Wilder said police officers should not be held to a higher standard.

"In this country, there is no higher standard," he said. "We are all the same people that get to live by that same constitution."

LMPD said Jaggers is now on administrative leave, and the department's Special Investigation Division is looking into the case, which is normal procedure.

"Merely because you are a police officer and have that personal life doesn't mean you have to give up the opportunity to try and keep yourself from being touched and pushed and grabbed," Wilder said.

Officials with the Clark County Sheriff's Office said Jaggers has been released. His domestic battery charge is a misdemeanor.

LMPD placed him on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation. He has also been ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim. 

Jaggers is due back in court next week.

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