LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – The University of Louisville on Monday released a statement regarding the end of the employment of Hall of Fame men’s basketball coach Denny Crum and former basketball standout Darrell Griffith.

Crum told WDRB that he’d met with interim university president Greg Postel in the spring and was told that the university would not be honoring any work agreements made by former chief of staff Kathleen Smith. Crum’s position – created via verbal agreement in 2016 after his 15-year contract as a special assistant to the president had expired -- was one of those, though he said he wasn’t clear from that conversation how or when his actual employment would be ended.

Nor was his wife, Susan, and after receiving an email in early July notifying her that Crum's final paycheck had been issued and that it would include unused vacation days, she contacted the university seeking clarification. She was told Crum's final day of employment had been June 30. Sources told WDRB that Griffith received a similar email, but Griffith himself has not spoken publicly about the end of his employment with the university. Griffith was not working under a contract.

Given the reporting, and public interest in both men, the university on Monday released the following statement:

Upon his retirement from coaching, Denny Crum was given a 15-year, $338,000-per year contract to continue as a goodwill ambassador for the university. Working with the president and University Advancement, Coach Crum performed in this role through the contract’s end on June 30, 2016. He then continued working for the university with pay but without a contract.

Interim President Greg Postel met with Coach Crum in February and allowed his employment to continue through this June to enable a smooth transition to retirement.

Darrell Griffith’s position, along with those of several other employees in the University Advancement unit, was eliminated as part of a reduction in force plan. Mr. Griffith’s supervisor met with him and informed him in person that his position was being cut.

Neither Coach Crum nor Mr. Griffith was dismissed via email.

Coach Crum and Mr. Griffith have earned a special place in the history of Cardinal Athletics, and both will always be valued members of the U of L family.

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