LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) – Dozens of dogs and cats are now in Louisville and getting the extra attention they need after being relocated because of Hurricane Irma.

More than 50 dogs and cats were picked by Humane Society volunteers Saturday night, and more than 20 others were delivered to Columbus, Ohio, and brought back to Louisville.

On Monday, veterinarians performed check-ups on dozens of dogs and cats at their Louisville shelter.

“The last few days, [we’ve been] slammed, and the next few days will be probably pretty overwhelming as well,” said Kentucky Humane Society Veterinarian Emily Bewley.

Some of the animals have special needs like respiratory illness, malnutrition or skin issues.

The animals were relocated from shelters in Jacksonville, Florida, ahead of Hurricane Irma. The shelters there now have more room to take in local animals so owners there can be reunited with them quicker.

Volunteers have brought many of the dogs and cats home to house them temporarily as room eventually becomes available at the shelters.

Animals that have already been given a clean bill of health and already spayed/neutered will be placed up for adoption as early as Tuesday. Those that require surgery will be kept until they are healed.

Many of the dogs received are larger breeds.

“It’s amazing that almost every dog that we’ve gotten in and almost every cat has been sweet and almost know that we are trying to help them,” Bewley said.

It’s a tall order to accept 80 animals at one time, but the staff at the Kentucky Humane Society said they knew they had to help anyway they could, not sure if they would be helping assist Hurricane Harvey or Irma victims.

On Monday, four volunteers headed to Houston to help in animal relief efforts there.

On Thursday, seven horses are expected to be delivered to a farm in Shelbyville, Kentucky, and once check out by a doctor, they, too, will be up for adoption.

Twenty more dogs and cats from Houston will be picked up in the next week.

Animals brought in by the society can be seen on their website, marked by “Irma” or “Harvey,” depending which location they were removed from. 

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