Taxpayers could take on a $95 million project for schools in southern Indiana, and neighbors are asking a lot of questions.

But leaders with West Clark Community Schools want to set the record straight about their plan. Community members met at Borden Junior-Senior High School on Tuesday night to express their concerns about the district's plan and to learn more about it.

Neighbors showed up with questions and opinions at the first of eight community input meetings held by West Clark Community Schools.

"Transparency, information, going straight to the source -- that's what these sessions are all about," Superintendent Chad Schenck said.

The plan would add on to Silver Creek High School and also make various improvements to the other schools in the district.

Studies project substantial growth in Silver Creek's district over the next 15 years.

"That's why we're doing this project," Schenck said. "Not for two years away, but for 10-20 years away."

Silver Creek's current enrollment is 935 students. The proposed plan will allow for a capacity of 1,786 students.

"Where are the kids gonna come from to fill that?" asked Teresa Rutherford, who lives in Borden. "They're gonna have to come from Borden or Henryville. I don't think the growth is gonna be there, unless they take it from us."

"That is not on the table," Schenck said. "That has never been discussed by this board. It's not being recommended or discussed by me. I don't support that at all."

Back in the early 1990s, the school board supported consolidating schools. The fear still exists in Borden.

But district leaders said that's not what this is about.

"That's why we're here tonight -- to dispel those rumors and try to put those old feelings finally to rest," Schenck said. "Because it's certainly counterproductive, and it's just not true."

The district will hold a meeting in Henryville on Thursday night, and at Silver Creek next Tuesday.

A special election will be held, just for the referendum, on Nov. 7.

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