Business survival in today’s media landscape is certainly no walk in the park. Cable systems are losing customers and newspapers are losing readers. That’s not a secret.

But, it seems some media outlets are hastening their demise by doing everything possible to alienate their existing customer base. Let’s look at a hypothetical situation.

How could, let’s say, a cable company suddenly make their subscribers pay additional monthly fees for set top boxes to receive the same channels they’d always enjoyed, and not expect a significant percentage of them to be ticked off? Good business practice says if you want customers to pay more, you must offer more value in exchange. In this age of satellite and over-the-top viewing, this customer-unfriendly practice is very curious.

And what about a newspaper, which consistently offers less and less news of lower and lower quality? Why would they send letters to its most loyal subscribers announcing a subscription rate increase of nearly 25 percent while offering nothing extra in exchange?

Consumers are seeking value for their dollar, and when it’s there, they’ll gladly pay for it. But when they feel undervalued by a company, cutting ties has never been easier.

Normally, how another media company runs their business is none of my concern, except I’m a customer too, so it kind of is.

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I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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