LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Murray State football player got married on the field after practice at the spur of the moment -- and the couple's weren't exactly conventional.

Defensive lineman Bishop Woods married his longtime girlfriend, Caitlin, in the rain after practice. Woods said he learned offensive line coach Brian Hamilton was an ordained minister and asked him if he would be willing to conduct a ceremony.

"Bishop, do you take Caitlin to be your wife?" asked Hamilton.

"I do," Woods replied.

"Do you promise to love her and protector her from spiders and all other insects, including ones that fly?" asked Hamilton.

"I do," Woods said.

"Do you promise to love him in health, and sickness -- even when that sickness is caused by losses by his team, any team he is coaching, the teams of his children, or teams he supports and wagers on?" asked Hamilton.

"I do," Caitlin said.

The couple welcomed a baby boy four months ago.

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