The Kroger off of State Street in New Albany has doubled its size with a $20 million expansion.

“I’m used to 12 or 15 aisles,” Wilma Orndorff said. “This is huge, but I like it.”

When Orndorff first walked into her Kroger on Thursday, she got a little turned around.

“I did get lost,” she said. “Where am I at?”

It was so big a sales associate gave her a map so she could find her way. The grocery store has been a work site for more than a year, but on Thursday, the 24-year-old State Street Kroger looks brand new, what the company calls a Marketplace.

“We had an addition on the pharmacy side of the store, and then we had an addition on the other side of the store,” store manager Mark Zoll said.

There's a wider variety of produce, meat, seafood and deli items than the former Kroger.

Like other renovated Kroger stores, the New Albany store will have specialty departments like apparel, a Murray's Cheese Shop, expanded sushi selection and a new soup and salad bar.

“We have Murray's Cheese, we have a [drive through pharmacy called] Little Clinic Health care facility, we have an expanded Starbucks and we have a bistro area that we didn't have previously,” Zoll said.

For the shoppers who don't like browsing every aisle like Orndorff, Kroger's online shopping service Clicklist starts at the New Albany Plaza store on Thursday, Sept. 21. 

As the store doubled, so did the number of employees to nearly 300 people.

Zoll said the next store to be made into a big Marketplace will be in Jeffersonville.

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