LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Shots rang out on Preston Highway Saturday morning after LMPD says a man tried to hold up a motorcycle shop - but the robbery attempt backfired. 

The tables were definitely turned on the would-be robber after he went into a motorcycle shop with a gun -- and came out on a stretcher.

Nicole Smith, who manages the Dollar General Store next door to Wide Open Powersports, says she is no stranger to gunfire.

"I'm from Detroit," Smith said, "so I'm used to the gunshots."

But even Smith wasn't prepared for what happened Saturday morning. She says she was in the storeroom around 7 a.m. getting ready to restock the shelves when "next thing I know I hear pow, pow pow! I'm like wait a minute, that sounded close."

Her instincts were dead on. 

That's around the time LMPD says a man walked into Wide Open Powersports next door and tried to rob the place.

While police wouldn't confirm the name of the business, Smith told us she knows the owner of the business, and says he told her exactly what happened. 

"He was shaken up," Smith said. "He said that he feared for his life."

The whole exchange went down in the loading area behind the shop.

Smith says the owner told her the suspect "held his son at gunpoint and was having him take stuff out of the store to put it in his own truck and basically wanted him to get in and pull off."

But the owner's son reportedly left the keys to the truck inside the store and went back in to get them -- a move Smith says may have saved his life.

"He said that he went back in, got the keys, came back out and shot him," Smith said. 

LMPD spokesman Dwight Mitchell confirms the suspect was shot. Mitchell says the suspect was taken to University Hospital but his injuries were not considered life-threatening. Meanwhile, police looked for clues. 

"They came over to review our cameras but you really can't see anything from the angle ours is," Smith said. 

After Saturday's incident, Smith is warning her workers to be extra vigilant.

"I try to tell all my workers to make good decisions, try to stay safe," Smith said. "We're not here by ourselves. There are always two or three of us."

As far as Smith's advice for any would-be robber: "You're able body to go up and pull a gun to rob somebody, you're able body to go up and lift something, do something to make sure you're making your money, you're making a living."

Smith says it's not the first time someone has tried to rob Wide Open Powersports, and that's why the owner eventually got a gun to protect himself.

LMPD has not yet released the suspect's name, and there's no word on when he'll be released from the hospital.


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