LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- With the end of the year holidays fast approaching, UPS is looking for lots of extra help.

It's only September, but at UPS, the company is already planning for all the extra packages that will travel through its warehouses this holiday season. 

The company announced Wednesday that it will hire 3,400 seasonal workers for peak season in Louisville this year. The company says it hire about 95,000 seasonal employees nationally. The employees will help with the expected increase in the number of packages sent starting in November and continue through January.

Company officials say both full-time and part-time positions are available. The company is looking for package handlers for all different shifts, package delivery drivers and driver helpers. 

To try to recruit that many employees, UPS is offering an additional $200 bonus to every employee who shows up to work each day. The company says it offered the bonus last year and it was effective to motivate employees.

UPS spokesperson Pat Murphy said, "For our package handler jobs, the majority of our folks we hire for our day operations and our twilight operations, they have a $200 weekly bonus that's associated with that. It's paid each week, so that's the equivalent of making about $400 a week if you're able to come in and work 20 hours a week for us."

The company also says seasonal jobs can lead to permanent positions. In the past three years, 35 percent of employees hired for seasonal package handler positions were later hired in permanent positions after the holiday season ended.

UPS will hire peak workers through the end of November. New hires can start as soon as they're trained.

Anyone who is interested in applying for a seasonal employment position can click here for more information.

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