TULSA, Ok. (WDRB) -- Forget strings and mice. One playful kitty likes to play with cash!

"Sir Whines A Lot" is an office cat at GuRuStu, a marketing firm in downtown Tulsa. 

He's better known as the "Cashnip Kitty." The cat is known for hanging out in the lobby near the glass doors waiting for people to walk by and interact.  

Buf if you stick a dollar bill through the slot between the doors, he goes after it! 

No one in the office could figure out why they kept finding cash by the door. Then they discovered their cat is into snatching money from late night partiers who stopped to play.  

The business owner has since put up a sign that says "Slide a dollar through the slot and great blessings will follow!"  All the money that "Cashnip Kitty" collects is donated to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. 

Now, people stop by at all times of the day and night to "make a donation."

The "Cashnip Kitty" even has his own Facebook page and a growing social media following with the hashtag #CashnipKitty.   

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