LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Get caught drinking and driving more than once in Jefferson County, and you'll get sent to CAMP.

In this case, CAMP is short for Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Program, a system that monitors repeat offenders around the clock. People who have been the victims of drunk drivers think it will work.

"It never hit home to me," said Cathy Ferguson, whose son was killed by a drunk driver.

Ferguson is also a retired LMPD officer and worked dozens of DUI cases during her time on the force.

It did finally hit home last year in the form of a devastating personal loss, when a drunk driver crashed into a car and killed two of her family members.

"On their way home, they were hit by a drunk driver who had one previous DUI and had hit a vehicle and was running from that," Ferguson said. "Killed my son and killed his sister in-law and permanently injured my daughter in-law."

Jen Rankin, Program Developer for SCRAM Systems, believes the CAMP ankle bracelet will reduce drunk driving and save lives.

"We kind of consider it a breathalyzer for the leg," Rankin said. "It takes a sample every 30 minutes of your insensible perspiration; that's the sweat you can't see. And with that data, we can tell if any individual has been drinking."

Earlier this year, Jefferson County implemented the CAMP system, which monitors anyone in the program around the clock. Three lines monitor people in the program. There's red for room temperature, blue detects attempts to deceive and black measures alcohol consumption.

On Wednesday afternoon, SCRAM Systems employees and Judge Stephanie Burke answered questions from Metro Council's Public Safety Committee about the new program.

"It may have saved my son's life, it may not have," Ferguson said.

Ferguson can't change her loss, but believes, or at least hopes, the new CAMP system will prevent another loss.

"There are certainly a lot of people out here that could have been saved," she said.

Right now, there are only 10 people in the program in Louisville, but that number will grow. The Jefferson County Attorney's Office is requesting all repeat DUI offenders be placed in the program.

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