LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Authorities have released video and images of the drugs and pills that led to an indictment of former Bullitt County Chief Deputy John Cottrell. 

Cottrell's attorney says the marijuana and pills were used for drug sting arrests, but investigators say two bags of marijuana are missing.

Newly released body camera video shows investigators searching Cottrell's office after he was fired in Oct. 2016. The video shows one open duffel bag containing marijuana, and another sealed bag.

Investigators say a property report filled out four years ago shows Cottrell checked out four sealed bags of marijuana from the evidence room. Now two are missing. They estimate the street value of the two missing pounds to be about $4,000.

Cottrell was indicted last week and pleaded not guilty to drug theft, abuse of public trust, official misconduct and other charges.

In the video, investigators are holding up pill bottles found in his office, not prescribed to Cottrell. They also found a package with a cigar and marijuana, along with an evidence bag with synthetic marijuana. 

The Bullitt County Sheriff's Office says Cottrell called after he was fired to tell them about hydrocodone pills in his file cabinet and the duffel bag with marijuana saying they were for a reverse drug task force sting. But records show a former deputy says the person involved in the marijuana sting never showed up.

"The duffel bag of marijuana and the bag of pills were what the narcotics detectives used for reverse buy arrests," said Garry Adams, Cottrell's attorney. "It is all confirmed that is what that was used for on every taped interview they turned over. I cannot believe that they indicted anyone over that. It would have been best practice to check it in and out of the property room each time, but that is not what they did."

Cottrell also faces charges for forging a deputy identification badge for his girlfriend to work off-duty. He's pleaded not guilty to those charges too. His whistleblower lawsuit against the now-indicted former Bullitt County Sheriff is still pending.

Cottrell's trial is scheduled for November. His attorney is asking for a bench trial where the judge would decide the outcome.

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