There's wind, water and the ground is shaking in Clarksville. It might sound like a natural disaster, but it’s a new movie experience at the Green Tree Mall, where Skyline 5D Cinema just opened next to LensCrafters.

Customers pick the movie they want to see. There are kids', educational, scary, adventure and holiday movies. Viewers wear 3D glasses and buckle up in a chair made for a roller coaster.  That's when the special effects upgrade the 3D movie experience to a 5D experience. It's better described as a ride. The chairs move, dip and shake.

“Whatever’s happening in the movie is actually happening around you,” said Frank Pineda who owns Skyline 5D Cinema.

The special effects vary depending on the six-to-12 minute 3D movie playing.

“It's pretty intense,” Pineda said.

Some movies use fog machines, light and water effects or bubbles.

“We have some with snow, another one with special effects like getting in to a storm, like twisters,” Pineda said.

The experience costs $7 and group rates are available.

Skyline 5D Cinemas is open during typical mall hours.

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