Construction on the AC NuLu Hotel on Market Street started in April 2017 and is scheduled to open on time in spring of 2018.

However, up until recently, the construction site appeared to be far behind schedule, but for a good reason. The construction all started 600 miles away from Louisville.

Each hotel room is pieced together in a warehouse in Pennsylvania. They take about two weeks to put together, and they’re shipped down south in the back of a wide-load trailer. The room’s bed, couch, windows, toilet and shower are all included.

“They're built modularly,” said Carl Hren with Concord Hospitality. “It’s a very new, a very cool way of constructing a hotel ... With a wide load trailer, we can have two hotel rooms and a corridor roll down the highway."

Crews take the 350-square-foot rooms once they reach the construction site and stack them up like life-sized Legos to build the final product. The stacking method saves labor, time and money.

“We don't have the material price spikes and the labor shortages because all of our work is ready, so it's a big advantage,” said Eric Handley, Vice President of the project's general contractor, WA Randolph.

All 156 rooms will go up like this in this way, but the lobby is too big. It will be built in a more traditional way.

“There's an elevated mezzanine area for meeting space," Handley said. "In the downstairs area, there's a bar, fitness and all the normal functions of a full-service hotel."

And as the rooms stack higher and higher, the AC NuLu hotel is stacking up to be a $23 million project in an up-and-coming part of the city.

It's a loud construction zone now, but the hotel is on schedule and is expected to open this spring with a goal to open by the Kentucky Derby. 

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