Days after a bombshell investigation was dropped on the University of Louisville basketball program, there are still lots of issues that need to be resolved.

The biggest loose end that needs to be tied up right now: Was head coach Rick Pitino directly involved in the accusations of paying recruits to come to U of L?

Here are five things fans should know right now about the investigation and the future of the program:

1. Is Pitino "Coach-2?"

It's the No. 1 question people are asking. National media outlets are reporting it. But the university won't admit either way.

"We don't feel it's our place to make those announcements," Interim President Dr. Greg Postel said Thursday. "It's an investigation by the FBI and the U.S. Attorneys office."

2. U of L needed to act fast

Postel placed Pitino and Athletic Director Tom Jurich on leave. As WDRB Sports Columnist Eric Crawford explains, it's in hopes to get the death penalty off the table.

"The university needs to act very quickly to show the NCAA that it's serious about addressing this," Crawford said. "Making major changes within its program, all in an effort to avoid that worst-case eventuality."

3. The investigation is already hurting future seasons

"It's an automatic," Crawford said. "When you lose your coach, you're going to lose all your recruits, unless you name somebody very quickly, right that same day. They've lost two good people who've already committed, people who were looking at them are not looking at them anymore. It will be very difficult to recruit, because nobody knows what the future is."

4. The upcoming season is still on

And Crawford said it might be the best one for a while.

"There's all this turmoil, and yet they have a quality basketball team," he said. "You have no coach. You have no athletic director. You have an interim president. All of these positions are going to be interim. There's still gonna be a basketball season, and I think Louisville fans would probably do well to enjoy this season, because we don't know what's coming in the future."

5. City leaders are reaching out.

Mayor Greg Fischer is speaking up and asking for fan support.

"Like everybody in town, I'm just really bummed out about this," he said. "The important thing is we've got a great university. We need to show support for U of L and move toward the future."

U of L is expected to name an interim coach and athletic director sometime Friday. At Tuesday's press conference, Postel said the university would make the announcement within 48 hours.

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