CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) -- The Brewer Family Farm is in Marengo, Indiana, and it has been for three generations. The family's grandfather, Elmo Brewer started it more than 60 years ago. It’s now the last dairy farm in Crawford County.

“There's not many dairies left in the surrounding counties. I know we are the only one in Crawford,” Samantha Brewer said.

Samantha Brewer remembers visiting the Brewer Family Farm when she was a little girl.

She grew up, married the farmer's son and years later, she’s raising her own children in these fields.“I've never known anyone who works as hard as they do,” Brewer said. “It’s hard to see them do that and then know it's all going to be gone.”

The farm is a staple in the Crawford County Community and a staple in the Brewer Family. It has employed more than 400 people in the last six decades.

“They've hosted all of my kids on field trips,” neighbor Kim Grizzle said.

Three generations of the Brewer family have worked the farm every day for 60 years, but in just one week, the family could be forced to give it all up.

“These family farms can't compete,” Grizzle said. “They can't keep up with the commercial dairies.”

“Most dairies are larger now,” Brewer said. “That seems to really be the only way to make it all work anymore. We are currently milking about 60 or 65 cows”

The massive dairy farm is being ripped away, divided up and sold in an auction. The family can't afford to keep it going. 

The circumstances brought Brewer to tears, but her neighbors to her side.

“Our county is all about helping each other, and we love the Brewers, and we knew they were shouldering this on their and I didn't want them to,” Grizzle said.  She added, “There are bank accounts set up at First Savings Bank under Save the Brewer Farm. You can donate directly at the bank. There are donation boxes around town. Have your church donate, have your church take up a love offering. Just lift them up in prayer.”

The community has already raised more than $12,000 using a Go Fund Me Page to help the family bid on at least part of its own farm and save the last dairy in Crawford County.

“We are hoping as a family to be able to save what we possibly can, specifically 20 acres with our grandparents’ home and the barn,” Brewer said.

“It’s not a small thing for people in Crawford County to raise money for other people,” neighbor Erin White said. “One fifth of the county lives below the federal poverty line.”

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