CORYDON, Ind. (WDRB) -- An Indiana community comes together to help a firefighter who's not used to being the one who needs help after a car crash put Jason Rhodes out of commission.

"Something about it, once it gets in your blood, you're just stuck with it. It's like a drug," says Cameron Rhodes, Jason's son. 

For the boys of Corydon, there's no better bonding than working on cars. "When you get into the car field, you've got brothers that aren't family. That ain't blood, but they are your family," Jeremy Elrod said.

That's why when they found out one of their own wouldn't be coming to the garage for a while, they knew they had to help.

"He's a hometown boy. Everybody knows him. If you don't, you'd like to. He's definitely one that would do this for any of us," Elrod said.

In July, Jason was involved in a car accident not from his Palmyra home. He crushed his ankle, so the firefighter won't be able to work for several months.

"It was scary. I was just glad to know that he was okay," says Cameron.

However, the car that the father and son pair built together, wasn't. That's when his cousin, Jeremy had the idea to build a new one, asking the community for help. "It was just a flood of people," Elrod said.

The guys bought a new Mustang, working on the car day and night. "Anywhere from 4 o'clock 'til ten, 11 o'clock at night through the week, then on the weekends, we're shutting down at 1 or 2 when we just can't go no more."

The group used parts from the old car and put them into the new one. "So, here we are, eight days later," Cameron said.

This week, family and friends hosted an auto show, with the proceeds benefiting Jason, and surprised him at the end with his new ride. 

"I think he's going to cry. I think he'll be super excited. He's going to be very thankful," Cameron said.

He knows his dad well.

"It's amazing how much people, when you're down, that they come together for you. I'm speechless," Jason said.

The set of wheels resembles family for the hometown guy who's usually in charge of helping his hometown.

Jason won't be able to drive for a few months due to his injury. So, his son, who gets his license in a month, plans on taking him for his first spin.

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