LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Illegal dumpers continue to drop off their garbage at a local business. It’s a recurring problem that won’t seem to end for the Fern Creek Peddler’s Mall.

“It happens at least once or twice a week,” Assistant Store Manager Cathy Freeman said.  

The criminals drop off anything from yard clippings, to old furniture, and even trash.

“We put the cameras up to stop the illegal dumpers,” Freeman said.

But the cameras have not deterred the criminals, and the Fern Creek Peddlers Mall's has had enough. That's why it's using the power of social media.

“We're just posting it to let people know that we're just tired of people dumping around our store making our store look trashy when we take very much pride in keeping it clean,” Freeman said.

The store’s most recent post of an illegal dumper was shared more than 500 times.  The surveillance video shows a man pull up and start clearing all the junk from his truck.

“He empties all the brush and shrubs into the front of the dumpster instead of putting it in the dumpster,” Freeman said.

Freeman adds the dumpster is literally just steps from where the illegal dumpers are dropping off their garbage.

“They’re always putting mattresses, old couches, anything up against the building and around it. When all they really have to do is put it in the dumpster,” she said.

And for every person they catch on camera, they turn them in to police.

“It's very disrespectful because we clean our store a lot. We love our store, we love our customers, we love our vendors. We work hard to make them happy and it's just aggravating,” Freeman said.

Freeman said police put out a warrant to impound the car of the most recent suspect. Officials say the crime will cost the suspect at least $1,000.

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