LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) – Meeting friends for Sunday dinner took on a whole new meaning Sunday in Louisville.

More than 1,000 people met at Iroquois Park to take part in the “World’s Largest Potluck."

The event was organized by We are Louisville, The Global Human Project and the Louisville Metro Office for Globalization.

Dozens of tables were lined up in groups of four, with eight people at a table. In the middle is where everyone placed the dish they brought. Cards on the tables had conversations starters aimed at steering away from small talk and typical topics like politics or careers.

“You travel around the world and the first thing you do is sit down with people, and that is the way you build connections,” said Bryan Warren with The Louisville Metro Office for Globalization.

The goal of the potluck was to create a space for all Louisvillians, their beliefs and backgrounds.

Louisville couple Elaine and Frank Hulsman wasted no time in making new friends.

“We offered something like this at our church so I thought it would be great to come out and see this many people come together and share food and stories,” Elaine Hulsman said.

Families and complete strangers talked for more than two hours. Each family brought a favorite dish, one that represented their family or their culture.

Outside distractions did not exist to make sure the focus of the event was on one thing.

“There is no central stage, there is no entertainment schedule. The magic of this event of this event is what happens in the conversations at the table,” said Cathy Berkey of We are Louisville.

Initially, the group hoped to break a world record of 1,700, but that was broken three weeks ago after more than 3,000 people attended a potluck in India.

Organizers tell WDRB more than 1,000 people attended Sunday’s potluck and they plan on trying to beat the record next year.

Even if they don’t, the message was loud and clear.

“People sitting down and connecting. That’s what it’s all about,” Warren said.

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