LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --  The privately held Louisville City FC soccer team released a complete list of its owners Thursday as the Metro Council continues to consider borrowing $30 million to put toward a stadium for the team in Butchertown.

The list of 47 people includes several wealthy and well-connected Louisville residents, including a handful with ties the family that controls Louisville-based Brown-Forman Corp.

The owners hold stakes in the team through limited liability companies and investment vehicles, and the group will not disclose the percentage of equity each owner has, said Brad Estes, Louisville City FC’s executive vice president.

Here is the full list:

Louisville City FC ownership group

Aitken, Bruce

Akin, Justin

Barzun, Matthew

Bates, Garrett

Beck, Andrew

Brown, Garvin

Brown, Jacob

Cardenas, Gabriel

Donis, Jose

Duthie, George

Ferguson, Scott

Ferguson, Stuart

Forsha, Thomas

Frazier, Sandra

Gabriele, Vincenzo

Groza, Lee

Holland, Gill

Hollenbach, John

Jackson, Garett

Jones, Breck

Kallis, John

Kirchdorfer, Jimmy

Kirchdorfer, Mark

Kronick, Scott

McMahan, Rory

Miyanji, Hassan

Mountjoy, Carolyn

Mountjoy, Mike

Mueller, Thomas D.

Mulloy, Tim

Musselman, Chester

Neace, John

Nichols, Barrett

Oakley, John

Okruhlica, Dan

Olsen, Christian

Padmanabhan, Pradeep

Pieper, John

Rickert, David & Carol

Sanders, Henry

Sanders, Will

Shircliffe, Jim

Smith, Tysen

Stilger, Ken

Stilger, Terry

Tyra, Vince

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