LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A former Jefferson County Court Clerk confessed to stealing thousands of dollars in fines and court costs.

In a police interview that lasted over two hours, Tiffany Calhoun admitted to the crime, but it took her awhile.

Police say the Jefferson County deputy clerk entered false information into the Kentucky courts computer system in order to cover up her theft. She was arrested in late-June and fired in early-July.

Calhoun is accused of stealing nearly $13,000 taking between $10 and $250 dollars at a time.

Investigator: "OK. Back up one second Tiffany. Are you stating you want to tell us what happened?" 

Calhoun: "Yeah, OK. I'm going to lose my job anyway, Can I please have a cigarette? ... What's 134 plus 134?"

Investigator: "That's 268."

Calhoun: "It's $268 that I took tonight."

Police say she collected the money from night traffic court. 

"I needed the money," Calhoun said.

When asked what she needed it for, she mentioned to police she was using pills and went to heroin. In her purse, police found some of the stolen money.

"I was buying my daughter clothes and shoes," Calhoun said.

Kevin Connell, the Chief of Staff at the office of the Jefferson Circuit Court Clerk, said Calhoun had worked at the Middletown and Southeast Louisville office on the Outer Loop for 17 months, and the thefts happened over about a nine-month span. He said an upgraded software program now is an added safeguard to make sure this type of theft which is rare doesn't happen again.

"We looked at our processes at suburban courts," Connell said. "Deputy clerks take an oath."

Connell said they expect clerks to maintain a high level of integrity when they handle public funds.

"We have systems in place to ensure we accurately and efficiently handle the transaction," he said. "It is a constitutional office, and we expect our clerks to carry out those duties with integrity."

Connell added that over 300 clerks work there, and she was the only one accused of stealing.

Calhoun is expected back in court next week. She's charged with abuse of public trust, tampering with public records and drug possession.

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