LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)  -- A teenager is accused of bashing the head of a Metro Corrections officer into a steel door.

18-year-old Terry Whitehead is charged with 2nd degree assault of a police officer. According to an incident report, Whitehead attacked a Corrections officer on Friday afternoon.

“The inmate is in a single-celled area,” Corrections FOP president Tracy Dotson said. “They have what are called hour outs where we have a schedule where we will pull them out of their cell in order for them to take a shower, use the phone, which is basically the one hour out of the day we allow them out of their cell and they're by themselves. “

Dotson says when the officer was trying to put Whitehead back in the cell, he attacked and slammed the officer’s head into a steel door.

“He received treatment at the hospital,” Dotson said. “The watch commander and safety officer took care of that. He's doing well, a few stitches and contusions [on] the face.”

Dotson says it’s not normal procedure for inmates to be in single-celled areas and it’s likely there was a “behavior issue” with Whitehead.

The charge that landed Whitehead in jail in the first place is equally as serious as the charge that he’s now facing.

In February, Whitehead was arrested and charged in connection to a brazen daylight carjacking at Waterfront Park.

According to an incident report, Whitehead and a juvenile accomplice carjacked two people in the Lincoln Lot of Waterfront Park on Feb. 11. Detectives say the two teenagers pulled a gun on a pair of people getting into their car and at one point the gun went off shattering one of the car’s windows.

Whitehead and the other teen were eventually seen in the car near the Park Hill housing complex and arrested, according to the court documents.

“There are monsters among us,” Dotson said. “People tend to forget that after those monsters are taken off the street that we have to deal with them on a daily basis.”

For now, Dotson says that Whitehead will remain in the single-celled area but he’ll be handled differently by officers moving forward.

“We have a special operations and response team called ‘SORT,’ that inmate will be put on ‘SORT’ status,” Dotson said. “Any time he has any interaction with staff, there will be special operations and response officers present with two or three or four officers present depending on the situation.”

Whitehead is expected appear in court on the latest assault charges on Oct. 17. 

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