LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A man and woman in Kentucky are being reunited with the class rings they lost years ago thanks to a stranger living hundreds of miles away.

Kathleen Magsam realized her Purdue University class ring was missing in 1998, while she was living in Pennsylvania. Her husband, Geoff, also discovered his high school ring was gone.

When they moved to Sadieville, Kentucky about five years ago, they thought they would never see their rings again.

But a stranger in Pennsylvania recently tracked the Magsams down on social media after finding the rings in her mother's ex-husband's things.

"It was a big deal, real big deal to get them," said Geoff Magsam. "It had my carpentry and cabinet making symbol on there."

Magsam says the rings can now be passed on to other generations. 

"That's the coolest thing, I think, about getting it back, is being able to let the kids see it and hand it down some day," Magsam said. 

The woman who found the rings has sent them to the Magsams. 

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