LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- A busy Louisville street is now open after being closed for six weeks following a sewer pipe collapse.

Just after 4:30 p.m. Monday, Main Street between Clay and South Jackson Streets was opened again to traffic which is a sigh of relief for many businesses in the area.

A 102-inch sewer pipe collapsed Aug. 30 at Main and Hancock Streets. Metropolitan Sewer District closed the road, which had a financial impact on several businesses.

“As far as the walk-ins and the happy hour crowds, they are down dramatically,” said Ted Metzlaff, Manager of Goodwood Brewery. “Probably 20,000 to 50,000 people a day are routed down Clay, so parking is really difficult.”

Metzlaff estimates over the last six weeks, his business has lost at least 60 percent in revenue. Construction made it especially difficult for food supply trucks to deliver without causing even more of a traffic tie-up.

Against the Grain Brewery also felt the financial impact at its location three blocks west on Main Street. Though Louisville City FC soccer games at Slugger Field did help keep revenue steady on game days, weekdays suffered, even for “regulars” who would come in a few times a week.

“They come down Main Street without having this access and then funneling around they’re less likely to stop in,” said Shane Benton, Manager of Against the Grain. 

MSD called the collapse a “very extensive failure” and one they knew would take a while to fix.

For two weeks alone, crews worked to repair the sewer on the surface, which meant more construction vehicles taking up places to park even on the streets that weren’t closed.

“I expected, originally, for it to be another few weeks from now, but them being done today is just amazing," Benton said. "It’s awesome."

MSD said Hancock Street will reopen sometime on Thursday to allow for the poured concrete to fully cure before allowing street access.

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