There are a few powerful U of L board members who want Tom Jurich gone. That’s no secret. In my opinion, it has a lot more to do with their egos than with what is right for U of L. No person in the history of the university has done more to build it into what it is today than Tom Jurich. 

As Eric Crawford said in his column, “To tell the full story of Jurich, you need to consider what might have happened at U of L if not for the largely solitary work Jurich did to achieve what once was unthinkable – to gain U of L admittance into the Atlantic Coast Conference. There’s been a lot of talk of finances in the past few days. I’ve heard zero talk about the cost of NOT getting in.”

I believe there are board members who are willing to tear U of L down just to show how powerful they’ve become. It’s all about them, not the university. A lot of people with their names on buildings at U of L are hoping the other members of the Board of Trustees won’t be driven like mindless cattle, but will stand up to the powerful few and vote to retain Jurich when the time comes. I do too. I challenge them to consider Jurich’s full body of work, before they decide if they want to show the door to the best athletic director in America.   

What message would you send to the board if you could? Call and tell us.

I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my Point of View.

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